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We're Mayrelle LLC Fashion Accessory - Company that offers a unique, affordable and premium quality products



With the focus on quality, products at Mayrelle are only made by reliable manufacturers, to guarantee that we are receiving the best quality before offering it to our customers, to ensure that our products meet the highest standard


Creating products that are not only unique but also fashional and practical to spice up your look! Our products are one of those you didn't know you needed until you get one. Whether it's for going on your favorite game and you needed a clear bag to get through security or perhaps keeping your essentials in one place when you are traveling.


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Whether you're purchasing our products in-store or online,  we strive for customer satisfaction with speed. convenience. consistency. friendliness.

Get to know us And Our Humble Beginnings

Founder / President

Co-Founder / CEO




Our company started when my mother Merle, the creator of the Mayrelle Collection, launched our popular manicure set on Amazon back in 2018.

My mother and I were not privileged to many things that others could afford, such as buying fashion accessories. We had to be creative and frugal about how we spent our money. We both love Fashion and always enjoy using accessories to complete the outfit and complement the look.

My name is Mayrell, I’m a mom and a military spouse.Being stationed overseas with my family was one of the challenges I faced but that didn't stop me from running the business instead I was inspired. Turned those challenges into a new learning experience. Being able to help families by providing products that are easily available in both the USA and South Korea was one of our fulfilling achievements.

We are a small but motivated company, which specializes in high-quality fashion accessories.  We listen to customer feedback, to ensure that our products meet the highest standard. We always love to hear about the interests of our customers when developing new products, as you the customer, are always the top priority for us.  We hope you will enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them available to you.

Fashion Accessory has a powerful way of expressing your style and personality.

Be unique, Be Different, and Be Confident!

Thank you for visiting our page.  We look forward to serving you.  Take care and may God Bless you always.


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